Alter Ego, Female, Scented


Alter Ego for Women pheromone perfume is one of the best male aphrodisiacs on the market today. Scented pheromones are used in Alter Ego for Women to create a scented, sensual product that will captivate the senses. Alter Ego for Women pheromone perfume is a great product for women looking for a little extra edge at work, social life or home life. Alter Ego for Women is one of our personal favorite pheromone perfumes for women. Try a bottle today and give yourself that little something extra!

A well balanced mix of the three pheromenes Androstenone, Androsterone und Androstenol makes Alter ego one of our best selling products.

The pheromenes are highly concentrated - one bottle lasts at least two months when used daily.

Alter Ego contains 3.38 mg Pheromone in a 7.5ml solution:
1,50 mg Androstenol
0,75 mg Androstenone
1,13 mg Androsterone

Alter Ego for Women pheromone perfume comes in a 7.5 ml open-mouth bottle with eye-dropper top.

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