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Essence of a Woman Pheromones are the Latest in Sex Pheromone Technology

Something new for women

What are Essence of a Woman sex Pheromones? It is copulins, pure and simple. Not just the word written on the side of a bottle; it is *real* copulins and nearly two years in development. Open the bottle, take a whiff, and you will know what we mean! These womens sex pheromones are the most intense and powerful on the market and they work wonders.

What are copulins? Copulin is the name given by scientists to a loosely defined group of odoriferous fatty acids that occur in the vaginal secretions of female adult mammals. These copulin secretions change dramatically during the various stages of the female menstrual cycle and are particularly profuse and pungent during that part of the cycle known as ovulation and during which pregnancy is most likely to occur. This portion of the female cycle is also known to coincide with the familiar "in heat" phenomenon in the animal kingdom, which is so crucial to the propagation of mammalian species.

For quite some time now, scientists have been trying to nail down exactly how female mammals communicate their "heat" so effectively as to make both themselves and nearby males fiercely determined to copulate. And thus the term "copulins" was born no doubt. The Essence of Woman Sex Pheromone, copulin formula comes from the work of two of these leading researchers who have not only isolated a number of the key components of human copulins, but have tested them to prove that they do indeed have an amorous effect - and the female sex pheromone from Essence of a Woman was born.

NOTE: Essence of Woman Sex Pheromones are NOT for newbies! Unlike so-called copulin products which have no scent to them, Essence of a Woman Sex Pheromones uses the chemical formula developed by researchers in the field. It has a definite smell not totally unlike what natural human copulins smell like. Some skill and creativity is required to get good results. Don't over-use and be sure to use with an appropriate cover fragrance. We recommend using one of our designer scent oils to cover the pheromones natural scent.

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