Passion Copulin Concentrate (PCC), Female, Scented


Passion Copulin Concentrate, or simply known as PCC, is a powerful Copulin pheromone perfume for women that enhances sexual attractiveness. The female body releases copulin pheromones during ovulation and researchers have shown this scent to increase male's testosterone up to 150%. Copulin signals fertility and this is what men are - genetically - after.

Seduce Them carries PCC because this isolated female pheromone has powerful effects on the male psyche. Our researchers believe a 10ml roll-top bottle of Passion Copulin Concentrate immediately elevates women's sexual attractiveness and may increase her mood, arousal, confidence and attitude as a result. PCC has a light natural fragrance of cucumber and melon that is not overwhelming. Combine PCC pheromone perfume with other female pheromones to enhance the desired effects over any male at the office, coffee shop or club.

Passion Copulin Concentrate contains copulins and fragrance. Light natural fragrance (cucumber/melon). 5 ml roll-on bottle

No other product gets men going like Passion Copulin Concentrate.

The top seller from the USA.

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