- Designer Body Oil/Cover Scents

We have a vast range of designer cover scents to be used with "unscented" pheromone products.

Our designer oils smell just like the respective designer fragrances, our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and the descriptions on our website are to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturer's/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original and we do not represent that they are exact copies, so therefore we do not violate any copyright/trademark laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison purposes only.

Designer brand perfumes and colognes consist of 15%-30% concentrated fragrance oil compound and 75%-85% alcohol & water. Alcohol will make the oil evaporate 10-15 times more quickly and will also dry out your skin. Adding alcohol gives the impression that the perfume is considerably stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a commercial fragrance, the aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you and then the scent fades dramatically within two hours.

Please, DO NOT compare our oils to cheap quality fragrance oils. Perfume and Cologne oils vary tremendously in quality. The oil has to carry the SAME NOTES as in the original designer for it to have the same scent, and there has to be a HIGH PERCENTAGE of Concentrated Fragrance compound in the oil to make it STRONG. A 1.25 oz. bottle of concentrated fragrance oil will last MUCH LONGER than a large bottle of the actual designer perfume.

Other uses for our designer and traditional fragrance oils: Freshen potpourri; in shoes; put in bath; artificial flowers; freshen car by re-scenting old air fresheners; in soap and lotion; on cotton balls and paper towels to put in dresser drawers to make your clothing smell good. You can also put a drop of oil on a cotton ball and throw in the dryer with your sheets or comforter to make your bedding and pillows have the scent of your favorite fragrance. You can also do the same thing with towels. A drop of oil on a ceiling fan turning on full speed makes your entire home smell good.

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