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Most members of the animal kingdom (including us) manufacture and respond to pheromones; controlling all social behaviour, including mating. Scientists are now finding that human behaviour is also heavily influenced by Human Pheromones, the ultimate invisible social magnets. These chemicals that are naturally produced by glands in the body can be undetectable as a scent, but are strongly acted upon by our subconscious. Pheromones are a powerful aphrodisiac. Pheromones are how bees swarm to the queen from miles around to an imperceptible smell, and why male dogs go mad when a female dog "in heat" is near.

People with naturally high levels of pheromones have this invisible aura of sexuality; remember that really ugly person with an incredible partner? - he's either born lucky and has more natural pheromones than most. By intensifying the sex pheromones that already occur naturally, you will experience not only a boost in confidence, but also increased sex appeal. Human pheromones also work wonders in business affairs by giving you the extra edge you need to make a good impression.

We stock Human pheromone products including Mens Pheromone Cologne, Womens Pheromone Perfume and other male and female aphrodisiacs. We stock scented and unscented versions. Pheromones for each gender contain specialised ingredients that will help you lure the opposite gender, making them the perfect male and female aphrodisiac. Improve your life today with the support of pheromones. Pheromones can also be used by gay individuals who want to attract the same sex.

We also stock a vast variety of designer type scented body oils. These oils have the same scents as well known designer brand colognes/aftershaves/perfumes, simply choose your desired designer brand and product from our range. Designer scented body oils are very concentrated, with only 1-2 dabs/drops the scent can last upto 24 hours. These contain no pheromones their purpose is to be either simply used as a cologne or perfume, or used with our "unscented" pheromones to cover their natural musky scent which can be unappealing to some ("unscented" means no scent has been added, pheromones are not odourless).

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